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Grooms Cake

We have all attended dozens and dozens of weddings. I can’t speak for anybody else, but the only two things I have ever recalled are the wedding dress and the cake.

Do you REALLY remember where you ate the roast beef and where they served the short ribs? Of course not!

But you do – vividly – remember the huge, puffy, frilled Cinderella gown that tangled in every tablecloth and chair leg, trailing paper doilies and pieces of cutlery.

I am quite certain you also recall the four foot tall, elegant, lace – and – pearl wedding cake, which gracefully slid off the pedestal table,  onto the grass, since the caterer had forgotten to stabilize the legs.

At Sugar Sugar, we cannot do much about the wedding dress, but we can make a few suggestions about the cake. [wedding cake details]

1.  Book your consultation and tasting early.  A year ahead is none too soon, especially in destination areas and in high season. Of course, there are commercial bakeries, able to turn out 20, 30 plus wedding cakes every weekend. Generally, in these places, the flavors are nearly as limited as the designs.

If you are choosing the cake from a boutique bakery, like Sugar Sugar, there is usually only one cake decorator and a smaller staff. On the other hand, you will be given unlimited personal attention, time, unique and individualized décor and flavor choices. However, we only accept five weddings each weekend. Any more than that, and the cake designer (that would be me) begins to regret her career choice.

2.  Bring photos to the tasting.  It helps us to see how you are visualizing the ambience.  Elegant and understated? A  [custom designed wedding cake] rustic wedding with wildflowers? Bejeweled and brilliant?

I don’t like copying the work someone else designed, so we will adapt the color scheme, shapes, structures and any and all personal touches you would like to infuse into this very special day.

3.  Most specialty bakeries have web sites, most web sites have an information page or FAQ’s.  You can glean a lot, just from doing this little bit of homework.

For example, we offer a discount to firefighters, police, EMT’s, and all active duty military.  We are very grateful to our volunteers and service providers. However, it is not something we remember to mention every time, but it is clearly posted on our FAQ’s page. So, if the bride or groom is just graduating Police Academy, ask for the discount!

4. Bring your appetite.  We offer a generous tasting platter, with five or six cake selections, and hope you like every bite of our cakes. More than one flavor choice, in larger cakes (to serve over 100), is ideal and gives your guests a thoughtful option. Flavors and Filling Options.

We are very happy when the platter has only crumbs remaining!

5. Please let us know if there are any allergies.  We are not mind readers, and nothing ruins a wedding like someone flat on the floor in anaphylactic shock!

[blush wedding cake with summer flowers] 6. Ask about delivery, set-up, additional fruit, table linens, cake stands, serving sets, etc… Some of these items are provided by the caterer, the venue, or the event planner.

For example, if the cake includes a filling of raspberry or blackberry mousseline or reduction, I often recommend a handful of the same berries and a sifting of powdered sugar on each plate.

The additional berries are provided by the chef or caterer, not the bakery, and this needs to be discussed with them.

7. Come and have fun with us!  The cake tasting should be a delicious little interlude in the routine of trying to organize everything. We’ll look at photos of cakes, eat cakes, discuss cakes, and choose cakes.  It’s all good!!

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The operative word for any grooms’ cake is “FUN!”

The next words that spring to mind are “AWSOME DESSERT!”

The grooms’ cake is a gift, from the bride to the groom.  Often it is humorous, sometimes it’s romantic, and it is always topical!  The cake is designed to reflect the focal point (or points) of his lifestyle. For example, if he is in med school, certainly a cake that looks like an old-fashioned doctor’s bag is an idea; if he is a surfer dude, our surfboard cakes, with the logos from his favorite board companies are front and center; for the cigar aficionado, a box of cigars; and for the Black Hawk pilot in your life, well he gets a helicopter (which takes quite a bit of engineering skill; and requires trip to Toys-R-Us to get a toy helicopter to dismantle and see how it is constructed.) One groom was so in love with his new tattoo, the bride sent us a photo of his upper arm (fortunately, no other body parts) and we hand painted the tattoo onto the cake in royal icing. The intent here is the extra touch of thoughtful intimacy at a great mile-stone of your lives.

In England, the grooms’ cake is traditionally served with the wedding cake; probably a smaller cake, often in his favorite flavors or to compliment the flavors of the wedding cake. For example, if the wedding cake is white chocolate pound cake, with raspberry mousseline and fresh berries, and he adores peanut butter, he gets a dark chocolate cake, with peanut butter – butter cream and the guests get more choices for desert.

Here, in the U.S., we usually serve the grooms’ cake at the rehearsal dinner; you have a wonderful dessert and a fun topic of conversation! No other dessert is necessary.

The Five Things to Consider When Ordering/Designing the Groom’s Cake:

The Groom and what inspires him, defines him, what he enjoys or his hobby or a special moment in his life. This is about the Groom, not about you.

What are the Groom’s favorite flavors…again this is his cake, not yours.

Will you be serving this at the rehearsal dinner or as the secondary cake at the wedding?

How many people is this cake serving?

Do you want the cake displayed throughout the event or presented at the end of the meal?

Providing photos for inspiration and design always helps. So keep examples of ideas with you. Most importantly this is fun, so don’t stress out over this. FUN FUN FUN!Type your paragraph here.